How to show double cut time in time signature

• Oct 23, 2019 - 11:51

How could I do to notate the double cut time as in the Schubert example attached?

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Unfortunately that bug was fixed quite some time ago. I'm kidding, but there was a bug that would make that happen at one point. The best way to do this is by using an image. Insert a cut time on a staff, then use the image capture tool (it looks like a camera) to take a picture of the cut time and then insert it on the staff next to the real one.

Use the cut time time sig, change duration to double, then from the master palette go to the symbols palette, there to time signature, there grab the cut time glyph and drag to the first note/rest of the line.
That one has the correct sizes and even changes size along with that of the score and scales to any zoom factor without showing pixels.
Best switch score to using Bravura, as that is what the symbols palette uses too

But see also (for Dorico) and (for Finale)
The former gives hope that one day it'll be part of SMuFL ;-)

Thank you all for your help.
As Marc pointed out with the resolution set to 360 the size is correct. Yes, I think it is a good idea that 360 is the default.
Jojo's advice worked as well. (I needed to keep Emmentaler though, but the difference in this symbol is hardly noticeable).
In the attachment, for comparison, image (upper staff) vs. added symbol (lower staff)

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