Can't use [Alt] [+] shortcut to add tied notes to a previously tied chord

• Oct 27, 2019 - 12:02
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S4 - Minor

MS 3.3 RC3 / Windows 7/10.

The attached file contains the following example:

  1. Open the attached score and take the reset;
  2. Click on a note in the first chord and enter Note input mode;
  3. Press [Shift] [+].
    Expected result: An extra tied note should be added to the second chord: i.e.
    Actual result: One of the notes is lost in the second chord: i.e.

This issue seems to have arisen somewhere in MS 3. The method works in MS 2.3.2.

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That must be a mistake. Shift ++ is the recognised shortcut. Alt ++ has no effect whatsoever, even though it's in the shortcut list.

Works for me, could be a keyboard layout difference. I believe that shortcut may have been omitted from the default list on AZERTY and/or macOS. To be clear: first add the note to the first chord, then Alt++ (which for me is Alt+Shift+=). It successfully adds the note to the next chord and ties it, while in note input mode.

Title Can't use shortcut to add tied notes to a previously tied chord Can't use [Alt] [+] shortcut to add tied notes to a previously tied chord
Severity S3 - Major S4 - Minor
Status closed active
Reported version 3.x-dev 3.5

MS 3.5.2 / Win 10.

Opening again, because [Alt] [+] seems to have stopped working in 3.5.2.

Status active needs info

Still works fine for me. Have you reset your shortcuts to defaults? What keyboard layout? And does it work if you define the shortcut yourself?

Alt + + no longer works. But a user-defined shortcut does. Presumably some conflict has developed since version 3.3.

You mean Alt+Shift++? Does your keybaord have multiple "+" keys as some do? Do neither work? What keyboard layout?

Could also be an OS, BIOS, or device driverupdate on your system since the last time you found the particular key you are trying worked, and that might have changed the keycodes used by the "+" key(s). Also see if toggling NumLock changes anything.

Status needs info closed

Numlock on/off makes no difference. Upgraded from a Win 7 to Win 10 laptop in meantime so presumably a device-dependent issue. Solution: use a custom shortcut instead.