I assume 3.23 and 3.3 scores will be completely compatible / interchangeable?

• Oct 28, 2019 - 03:36

So if I wait to upgrade, there will be no issues.


I know of one exception in compatibility. If you use the new RNA feature in 3.3 and open the score in a previous 3.x version, the RNA (which may be delayed to 3.3.1) will be there but not formatted correctly. But as far as opening scores is concerned, there will be no problems.

There have been improvements throughout the 3.x development that have caused minor changes to the locations of items as auto placement has been improved. If you use fingerings, you will probably see some differences in some situations due to improvements there as well.

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Roman numeral analysis (RNA) is implemented using chord symbols internally, so actually, to some extent, even scores using RNA will load "reasonably" in 3.2.3 - which is to say, the RNA elements will be present, if not rendered as expected. Pretty sure that's the only issue one should expect.

FWIW, I don't think there is any chance of RNA being put off for 3.3.1. Right now there is an issue with the font on some macOS systems, but I have what I believe to be a fix pending, and in any event, the fallback would be to revert to the version of the font used in RC2.

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