Adding Accidentals with shortcut after note entry

• Oct 31, 2019 - 16:12

Prior to Version 3.3, I could add sharps, naturals and flats to notes using defined shortcuts, after the note has been entered, in Note Entry mode: To enter a G-flat, I would hit "G (flat shortcut)".

Now, those same shortcuts do not modify a note already entered (while in Note Entry mode); they apply the accidental to the next note to be entered, so now, to enter a G-flat, I have to hit "(flat shortcut) G"

In Sibelius, there was a preference toggle to control this behaviour. Is there one in Musescore that I've not found?

OS: macOS High Sierra (10.13), Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit):, revision: 4761df6


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And in Re-Pitch mode, the shortcuts have no effect.
That is indeed an issue, and it should be fixed in time for the release of MuseScore 3.3.1.

There is currently no preference to control the behavior of the accidental shortcuts. They simply affect the next note now, rather than the note just entered.

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As a long time user who now has to learn to enter the accidental before the note, I'll tell you that I'm willing to learn and don't see a need for a bunch of different methods for entering accidentals. This will likely lead to confusion. Today is actually the first time I've used the new note input workflow that requires the accidental first on a real project. I mistakenly used the old method several times, but fixed it. I'll get used to the new workflow.

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I see no need for a preference, that just complicates things, but I remain of the opinion that at some point it may make sense to just add new commands to do the old thing. That, 95% of the time, up/down arrows already are that. They just can't be used used for courtesy accidentals (for which I always use the plugin anyhow) or for things like B# in the key of C.

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I touch type to enter scores also, and I've defined shortcuts for all accidentals possible (they don't exist for natural-flat or natural-sharp) so I'm used to Enter a duration, enter a note, enter an accidental. As I said, I'll get used to the new method. As I mentioned elsewhere. There have been an abundance of requests to hear the correct note when you enter it. This is a reasonable expectation and the new workflow permits this.

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