How To Use Roman Numerals Function On The Version 3.3

• Oct 31, 2019 - 18:58

I couldn't find any guide on the web.


It hasn't been put in the manual yet. In the Add->Text menu is the option of Roman Numeral. Use this to add it. Basically, enter then numbers in order and they automagically get formatted. It won't take long to understand the particulars.

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CTRL + T would only work if you redefined that shortcut for RNA, it defaults to staff text. Read again where I said that by default you must go through the Add menu to enter RNA. See also which was added after you made this comment.

It would make no sense to transpose Roman Numerals. The 5th is the 5th no matter the key. That is if you do the RNA in the Key of A major then transpose the song to G Major, you still still play the same chord based on the key. If it was V7 in A it's still the V7 played in G, though the notes are all a step higher.

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Yes. :) Sorry for not explaining it.

For example in C Major Key Am is 6th chord. Let's say in a song section you had entered the chords according to C Major. (Am is 6th chord) But the song section is relative minor of C Major Key. So now Am is 1st chord not 6th as well as the other chords in this section.

It would be good that it's be able to change the symbols according to relative minor/major. (or transposing a specified amount of value)

Or maybe there is a modulation you hadn't noticed on a section. So now you want to transpose the degrees a specified amount of value.

Is there a such feature?


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I see; that's a very interesting definition of "transpose", but certainly meaningful. i would call that "renotate", but, like all else with the RNA system, it's up to you. The system does not manage or understand the meanings (or correctness or possible wrongness) of your roman numerals. Sometimes, such passages are annotated on two lines of roman numerals, one in each key, and I wish the system had that capability.

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In addition It may be meaningful on other instruments that Concert Pitch is different than normal or Guitars with Capo on different frets etc.

Think about you want to deliver your lead sheet to other musicians in the band.

I assume that's not that hard.

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Lead sheets for musicians in a band don't feature RNA! And, as I said earlier, RNA is independent of key. V I is V I whether the instrument is transposing or not, or the score is written at concert pitch or transposing pitch.

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There is no native support for the special modulation brackets, but you can just enter the chords individually and then move the ones you want to aligned differently using the Inspector. 3.5 provides a nice new way to select a range of elements like this - click one, shift-click another.

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If you want to notate a A minor chord as i instead of vi, that's your right - but you need to do the analysis your. The RNA feature isn't for automatic harmonic analysis, any more than the lyrics feature is for automatic songwriting. Lyrics are for typing lyrics as you want, RNA is for typing analysis as you want.

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Where is Transpose Command for transposing chord symbols? I couldn't find it.

On the guide it says;

"Chord symbols are automatically transposed by default if you apply the menu Transpose command to the containing measures. If this is not required, you can untick the "Transpose chord symbols" option in the same dialog."

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