System inserts added measures in the wrong place.

• Nov 1, 2019 - 00:35

First let me say you people have been very helpful. Thank you in advance.

When I try to add measures to an existing score, the software wants to put them several measures back from where I want them. For example, in the attached, I want to add 3 measures just before the G sharp in the third measure of the fourth line, but the three measures appear at the end of the third line instead.

There must be a way around this.

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You have made a mess of your score. You are trying to do what MuseScore does automatically. The +'s above certain measures tell you that the measure is not the same length as the key signature. To "fix" this, you have entered barlines. I'm not sure how you increased the number of beats in a measure since there are a few ways to do it. The first thing you need to do is fix this. Select the note you want to start a measure and use the Tools->Measure->Split measure before selected note/rest so you will have proper measures. If you click where there is only staff lines, you will select the entire measure and there will be a box around the entire measure. If you select the "measure" with the G#, you will see the previous 2 plus the next one are also selected. That's also why the system above it only has one measure. It won't fit on the system above it and the four combined measures won't fit on the system with it. As I said you need to split these measures. Once you do this, inserting measure will work as expected.

You have somehow create one gigantic measure that only looks like multiple measures because there "fake" barlines there. My guess you accidentally used "insert" mode and ended up with huge measure you then tried to divide up with the barlines? Best to start over I think, nbe sure not to engage insert mode (the icon at top left of the toolbar should be an "N"), then copy and paste the music over in manageable chunks.

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To be clear, by "start over" I don't mean re-enter the music. I just mean start with a clean empty score that already has the measures of the proper length. Then you can copy & paste into it. This gets you very quickly to a good starting place - faster than fiddling with the measures one at a time. In fact it does the job perfectly in a single copy/paste operation if in fact the score one is starting from at least has all the right rhythms already. But I strongly suspect this one does not, so no matter which approach you choose, there will be some work figuring out where there are individual missing or extra beats. And that's where the real work will begin.

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