MuseScore 3.3: "Save Online" not working?

• Nov 1, 2019 - 13:29

OS: Windows 10 (10.0), Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit):, revision: 4761df6

I have been trying to update an existing score on by using the MuseScore menu option "File > Save Online".

There are two faults I see:
a) MuseScore 3.3 no longer remembers the previous logged in user, so prompts for a new login each time you start a new MuseScore session and choose "Save Online"
b) after the login required for a "Save Online" action, the Save screen does not pop up as it should (allowing you to change Title, Details, privacy, copyright etc) - simply put, nothing happens

Has anyone else seen this problem with MS 3.3?


I just used Save online for the first time in the 3.3 release. It remembered my previous logon and allowed me to update an existing score with no issues. I'm also on windows 10.

a) did you delete your cookies? If so, musescore will forget your login.
b) sounds like your window is off the screen, try the options in (especially alt+spacebar method) to get it back.

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@mike320 - thank you for your ideas.
Well, this all very puzzling...
a) I did not delete my cookies between successfully using "Save Online" in MS 3.2.3 and downloading MS 3.3 (when "Save Online" stopped working)
b) I only use the built-in screen of my laptop, never a second screen
c) I tried a factory reset, but the popup screen is still absent after selecting "Save Online" and logging on
d) I tried all the methods recommended in the link you provided, to try and find an off-screen dialogue

... more info:
e) the OpenScore_xxx username which I was originally using never even gets a Welcome screen after trying to log on and Save Online, but my personal ID DanielR did at least show the Welcome screen to prove that the login worked - but MuseScore still won't show the popup screen which should appear for Save Online
[CORRECTION:] I now think that both user IDs do get the Welcome screen briefly, but in some cases it flashes up really briefly - and is immediately overlaid by a new (empty) login screen

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Strange. I realize there are a zillion versions of windows 10 out there, but I would expect this to work the same on both computers, even though mine is a desktop and yours a laptop. Though most people who have problems with disappearing windows have switched from 2 to 1 monitors, there are exceptions, mostly because someone dragged the window to the edge of the screen and forgot. Don't ask why someone would do that rather than closing the window, it doesn't make sense to me and you obviously didn't do this either.

I agree, this is quite puzzling since you seem to be a competent computer user and I can't imagine you doing crazy things that would make your computer not work correctly.

I'm curious if this is a typical issue we see every time the program updates and the .com hasn't yet. If you haven't, I suggest that you post this issue there as well so both sides can look into the problem. I would cross link the issues.

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I have reported the problem on in "Improving":

I have tried the "brute force" approach:
1. In Windows Control Panel, uninstall the three separate versions of MuseScore 3 found there (3.3, 3.2.3 and 3.0.0).
2. Reboot laptop.
3. Download and install MS 3.3.
4. Reboot, and try "Save Online".

Unfortunately I am still unable to use "Save Online", and I am getting to the point where reinstalling 3.2.3 instead seems an attractive option...
[EDIT:] I am not giving up on MS 3.3 quite yet...because there's a recent thread on Improving The thread suggests that the upload software is failing because of difficulties in parsing and validating different formats of the URL for the replacement score to be uploaded.
Here's the link:

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I don't know what's different about your system that makes mine work and yours not. Since you don't typically upload audio with your scores, uploading them from the .com page is an option. It's not quite as convenient, but you even can do it from the page your are reading this on.

Some thoughts that might trigger an idea for others. I use the release version like you do (not a self build as many developers do). I have the 3.3-RC3 on my computer. During development I installed Beta 1, then waited for the first RC and updated each RC as they were released. I don't think this is making my system work right, but it does share resources with the release version...

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"uploading [scores] from the .com page is an option"

Sorry, but that doesn't work either. Here is what happens:
1. Open the existing score under "My scores" on
2. From the . . . menu choose "Update this score"
3. Choose the new file from laptop, using the "Replace file" link
4. Check PD status: correctly shown as "Arrangement of a work in the Public Domain"
5. Click "Save" ..... and nothing happens (no spinning wheel, no sign of progress)

I am out of fresh ideas at this point.

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I'm just curious if this is a single score or several scores. If it's only one score, then I'd say attach the score, but it sounds like has forgotten you exist or worse, declared you an enemy. There were a bunch of ghosts and gobblins running around my neighborhood last night.😉

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I have done a bit more experimenting, and this problem affects both my usernames and more than one score. So I think it's a general problem, not specific to one score.
And I'm not paranoid enough to believe that MuseScore has declared me an enemy.... ;-)
Not yet

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Thanks for the suggestion, but I have been reviewing and correcting scores for 18 months for the OpenScore Lieder Corpus. So inserting the correct URL in the Source field of Score Properties is second nature to me.

On the other hand, I always insert the score's URL in this format (which is how it appears in the URL on

So as an experiment I tried the full "old fashioned" format of the URL:
... but sorry to report that this URL format doesn't work either for Save Online, at least not in my case.

There is an interesting thread on about a similar situation:

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I follow your posts with great interest, because you are always very accurate with your comments and often find a solution. But right now I simply cannot find any way to upload a corrected score to When trying to update a score, I certainly did try to use the URL from the "Share" option - but alas this did not work either.
We live in hope...

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Thank you very much, DanielR
Like you I can no longer update a score using the "Update this score" of the site: It gets stuck endlessly when I click on "Save".
That's why I use the "Save Online" program function after copying and pasting the link provided by "Share" on the site into the "Source" area.
And it works for me. But not for you.
I'm not sure how to help you. A suggestion perhaps: Is your window to register the program online comparable to the one I get and if you click on "Link" in this window, does the page of the score open correctly on the site ?

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"Is your window to register the program online comparable to the one I get and if you click on "Link" in this window, does the page of the score open correctly on the site ?"

Well, the problem is that since installing MS 3.3, I can no longer even reach this screen! This is the sequence of what happens:
1. Open MS 3.3, open a recent file.
2. Choose "Save Online..."
3. MuseScore does not remember the user logged in during the previous session (a regression since 3.2.3, for me).
4. Log in using the screen shown below.
5. The login screen then disappears, but the popup screen "Information sur la partition" (Score information) never appears.
6. If I try again to choose "Save Online", there is no response to the menu click - which does imply that there is an open dialogue which is invisible or inaccessible (off the screen). Other menu options e.g. File > Export... do still work.

And nor can I upload a score using the option "Update this score" on As you pointed out, the "Save" button on that screen is now unresponsive... Impasse.

Login screen for Save Online
MS 3.3 - Login screen for Save Online.png

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I understand your disappointment at this total deadlock:(
Have you tried the following process?
1- Check that MS 3.3 is properly closed
2- Open and login
3- Open a partition in MS 3.3
4- Launch "Register Online"
Does that make a difference?

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Another idea: Don't you have an antivirus that prevents some programs from connecting to the Internet? And especially any new programs? This would explain why it is possible with MS 3.2.3 but not MS 3.3. and it would also explain that you have the feeling that the connection runs without success....
You should therefore, in your antivirus options, allow MS 3.3 to connect to the Internet

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"Have you tried the following process?" [Steps 1-4]
For clarity of other readers, step 4 in your earlier post is Launch "Save Online" (FR = Enregistrer en ligne)

Thank you for the idea: I followed the steps exactly, but the Score details page (to update title, description, privacy, copyright before the upload) still does not appear.

"Don't you have an antivirus that prevents some programs from connecting to the Internet?"

Thank you for the suggestion! I checked Windows Defender, and then followed these steps:
1. Windows Defender > Firewall and network protection > Allow an app through the firewall
2. Add the following apps:
- MuseScore3.exe
- MuseScore3-crash-reporter.exe
- QTWebEngineProcess.exe
3. Restart the computer
4. Open MuseScore 3.3 and attempt "Save Online..."

Same result: nothing....

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I remain convinced that it is the connection to the Internet that is the problem.
Do you have any other protection than Windows Defender such as a firewall?
Then can you check this:
1- Open MS 3.3 >help menu>Online handbook
2- If the connection is not made, try using another program (Word, Adobe Reader, VLC etc.) to find out if it is your PC that is blocking the connection from a program or if it is only MS 3.3 that is involved.

On the other hand I explored MS preferences and I didn't see any connection options

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@Papibois - sorry: I posted this under the OpenScore username (but the post is from DanielR)
"I remain convinced that it is the connection to the Internet that is the problem"
I think my Internet connection is OK in principle:
1- Opened MS 3.3 >help menu>Online handbook
2- Instant connection to the "Handbook for MuseScore 3"

Then I tried once again to upload from MS 3.3 to overwrite an existing score:
- File > Save online...
- Login screen, entered username and password, clicked "Log in"
- Login screen is replaced very briefly (< 0.1 second) by the "Congratulations" screen - which then vanishes completely
- So I wonder: was that a successful connection by MS 3.3? Or was it a connection which was made and then terminated abruptly?

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Daniel, I want to confirm when you do step 5 in your post and you do not have a window on the screen, you tried the alt+spacebar process to restore your window. What you are describing about this sounds like the window is open but you can't see it.

FYI, there was an update to the library that handles windows between versions 3.2.3 and 3.3 so it is possible that this is somehow related to that, but it still sounds like your window is open off screen.

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I find this idea of an off-screen window very interesting.
Then could you try this:
1- Open a partition in the program
2- File menu>Save online
3- Even if the registration window disappears instantly, move your mouse over the MuseScore icon in the task bar. You should see the 2 miniatures of the open windows.
4- Then click on the registration one to see if it opens on your desktop (Remember to reduce the main window if necessary to see what's behind it)

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I can't check this right now because I uninstalled MS 3.3 and reverted to MS 3.2.3 over the weekend. I felt that I had spent (wasted?) enough time on the problem, and I wanted to be productive again! MS 3.2.3 works perfectly when uploading with "Save Online..." to overwrite an existing online score, so the problem is specific to MS 3.3.

In the next few days, I will re-install MS 3.3 and do some more testing.

About your suggestion, I am fairly sure that I had previously searched thoroughly for a "second window" in MS 3.3 - for example:
- hover the mouse over the MS 3.3 icon on the task bar
- Windows key + Tab to see all open windows

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