I am upset with the newest update.

• Nov 1, 2019 - 21:38

I am upset with the newest update to musescore. Specifically, and most egregiously, with the changes to the palette bar. The new animations and font sizes make the palette unusable and irritating. It has slowed my work greatly as I wait for the unimpressive, superfluous animation to end. The palette worked because it was simple and effective. The search bar and "add palette" button do not need to be so large and prominent. These changes have hindered my work and I find them stupid, to say the least.

I am very displeased. However, I still love Musescore with my whole heart.

I'm not mad, babe. I'm just disappointed. <3


I'm not crazy about the animation either, but I think as you get accustomed to how the palettes work and how easy it is to customize them to your liking (which is indeed the main point of the changes), you are likely to find it a huge improvement. I started out skeptical during the beta as well, but now you couldn't pay me to go back.

The "Add Palette" button and search bar likely should be thinned out a bit. There is quite a bit of space around the texts.

Especially when you want to move up and down with the middle wheel of the mouse, this animation effect is very challenging.

PS: Before that, I wrote twice about the needlessness of this animation. But all I got back was the defense that it was very pleasant.

As a result of a new decision I made, I don't write a second time if the topic is not a topic I opened (I won't answer again).

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Is the animations feature what happens when I switch from one palette to another, with the palettes kind of scrolling up & down? Or is it something else?
On my computer, the scrolling effect is so rapid as to be barely noticeable. I could imagine that if it took longer, it would be rather obnoxious.
But again, is what I'm describing the "animation"? Or is it some other effect?
Apart from this, I'm loving the new palette features. Previously it took me some time to revise the palette setup to my liking, with 3.3 it only took a few seconds and that's on my first attempt.

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When I scroll (with two-finger swipe), the palettes over-respond a bit, then bounce back. Seems to be dependent on the speed of the swipe? Somehow it feels like more of a "mobile" model of swiping than a scrollbar model. That's the best way I can describe it. So it's a bit more fiddly to scroll to exactly the right spot. Not sure if that's just inherent in QML or not. To me it's a small price to pay for the enormous wins in usability otherwise, but if there were a way to make it feel more like how swiping usually scrolls, that would be nice as far as I am concerned. Some other small tweaks that have been mentioned would also help - making the add & search widgets smaller or hidable/collapsible, making it easier to lock a whole workspace (or reinstate the need for Shift to edit a workspace, although I suppose that works against discoverability).

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