Creating Album in Musescore 3

• Nov 4, 2019 - 13:02

Apologies if this post is not a question for this particular forum. I have a large amount of scores that I had created in Musescore 2 and was hoping to combine in the Album so that I could prints as one. However, since upgrading to Musescore 3 I am not able to do this. Are there any plans to put this on a patch? I am left with a mammoth task of converting all the individual scores into PDF format and then using a PDF combining software to make as one document..any advice or news would be much appreciated. I did try converting to a PDF in Musescore 3 than trying to import as a PDF in Musescore 2 (which I have still have) but it's not working-didn't really expect it to!


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For a pretty large album ( 400+ scores or one page each) I'm using PFDSaM myself too (results in a 10MB PDF). Also because these are MuseScore 1 scores, and the combined album score in MuseScore 2 was basically impossible to handle, way too slow, more than 6800 measures in total (times 2 staves, just 600KB in size and the PDF export just 3MB though)

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I'd suggest that majority of things people ever used albums for are better accomplished by joining PDF files. Really, the only case where albums do something that PDF joining doesn't do better is combining multiple songs on a single page. Even that works great (or using PNG) if you want each song to fit fully, but getting a single song to split (start at the bottom of one page then continue at the top of the next) doesn't work out so well. I'd further suggest, though, that it would be better if people didn't force other people to read music written that way, though.

That said, an improved version of the old albums feature - one that didn't have som many limitations and bugs - would still be nice to have someday.

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I use MuseScore 2 at present to produce individual score files for single Scottish Country Dance tunes, and the album feature to combine them in sets (usually of four tunes, but can range from two to eight for a specific dance). This produces usable sheet music normally with two tunes on each page at a good size for playing from. Tunes frequently get recombined into different sets. The absence of the album feature in version 3 is an inconvenience which has forced me to keep on using version 2.

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