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• Nov 6, 2019 - 23:33
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This has been requested multiple times, and there is a workaround, which doesn't work if the barline spans across multiple staves.

I see two method of managing this:
1) Like it has been done for the final barline (which width can be set) add an inspector option for single barline thickness.
2) An easier option to implement but giving less possibilities, add the thick barlines to the barlines style, in the palettes.
Screenshot: on the left the two thick barlines (coming from master palette) added to the palettes. Left:What happens when placing it and setting the corresponding offset: no spanning permitted.
Screen Shot 2019-11-06 at 6.28.53 PM.png


I've also struggled with thick barlines, but differently. I added single and double thick barlines from the master palette to the barlines palette and checked Draw staff in their properties. Note in the attached screenshot how they appear when that is done. [The red highlights I added to the shot don't appear in the attachment. Note the first two short barline items. Those are what I added to the palette. They become short when Draw staff is checked.] They don't look like regular barlines either in the palette or in the score. And they don't act like them either, whether placed in the score from the barlines palette or the master palette. They just drop into the measure at some random point and have to be dragged into position, both horizontally and vertically. They don't replace the regular barline; they have to be dragged to cover it. And if the measure is respaced they'll have to be dragged again. In short, they are not barlines, just thick lines that can appear anywhere.

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Are you adding them from the "Symbols" palette, or the "Barlines" section of the master palette? Symbols are indeed just that - symbols that MuseScore can display graphically but doesn't have any particular "understanding of. So what you describe is not unexepcted - MsueScore understand that these particular symbols should actually be drawn on the staff. But note, if you add the symbol tot he barline itself instead of some note within the measure, then position it as desired, it should survive relayout just fine.

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They are not in the Barlines section of the Master palette, only in the Symbols section. Therein lies the problem. If I'm to use them it will have to be as symbols. I added them from there to the working palette and got the results I described. I'd love to find them as regular barlines both in the Barlines section of the Master palette and in the working palette.

Adding them to a working score I could drop them anywhere. I did my best to drop them on existing barlines, but that was only "close"; I had to adjust them from there, and when the score respaced itself or I respaced it they were no longer on the barlines I placed them on and I had to move them again.

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Sounds like you tried using drag & drop, that’s not neither efficient nor precise. Instead click the barline in your score then double-click the palette icon (as of 3.4, that will be single-click too). Now it’s attached more precisely to the barline, so any adjustment you apply (eg, Ctrl+Down in edit mode to move in 1 sp Increments) will survive layout changes, as I said.

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OK, yes, that does work better. The thick barline drops in above the score and must be moved down by changing the Y offset, but once done, it stays in place with respacing. 'Twould be nice if these are ever made regular barlines so they can be placed like the others, and they look like the others in the working palette.