Latest version of Musescore will not install successfully

• Nov 14, 2019 - 09:08

I have tried several times to update Musescore to the latest version (3.3.0 r.4761df6), but each time it will not complete the installation. I have a PC with Windows 10.

Can anyone advise what I could do to successfully install the update? I have already tried rebooting the PC, and making sure all Musescore files are closed, but to no avail.

Thank you!


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OK, 2.3.2 and 3.x coexist on the same system, and are actually separat installtions.

Uninstalling 3.x and reinstalling might be a way to get it fixed. Unininstallling MuseScore 2.x won't help and I'd recommend against it, you may still want to be able to use it for your older scores (which will look differently in 3.x, mostly better, but not all)

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Hi again,

I realised the comment re 2.3.2 related to my old version of Musescore 2 (which I still have on the PC). I'm not sure what version of Musescore 3 I have, but it would be the previous release or maybe the one before that. I think I had problems installing the version previous to the current one

I'm wondering if maybe my Kaspersky security programme might be interfering with Musescore? Could this be possible?

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No, nothing - it just freezes. It's even hard to close the dialogue box!

I just checked, and my current version is 3.3.0 according to the Score Properties on the score I created a couple of days ago.

And I'm now certain that I had the same problem trying to install 3.3.1.

I just disabled Kaspersky, and it seems to have worked this time. So it looks like that was the problem. Useful information in case anyone else has the same problem!

Thank you (as always) for your help.

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