MS 3.3.2 Sound issues

• Nov 14, 2019 - 17:14

I noticed some issues with sound with the newest version of MuseScore. (3.3.2) When the program first loaded there were two loud pops of static, followed (sometimes) 30 or so seconds later by a thunderous burst (burp?) of static. If the burp occurred, then playback was possible. If the burp did not occur, the program remained silent. Closing the program created a few bursts of static.

I reproduced this problem about a half-dozen times before reverting to factory settings. This remedied the static and playback problems. (I had gotten out of the habit of saving synthesizer settings to my scores, as I've been using essentially the same settings for an on-going project. Revert to factory settings cleared my default. That's an error on my part, but won't take long to find the sound I like.)

Windows 10 64-bit. My system installed a couple of 1903 updates this morning.
I have not noticed this issue with my 32-bit system, but as it's currently in the middle of its own updates, I will wait to test it.

[EDIT] I can confirm that this does not occur on my 32-bit system. Whatever the cause was on my 64-bit system, revert to factory settings seems to have fixed it.


I haven't noticed anything like this on my Windows 10 64 bit system but I haven't gotten an update in a while either. Perhaps it a hardware issue?

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Perhaps, though I've tried a couple of other music/sound apps without trouble.
The problem first occurred on the "launch MuseScore" command after the install, and persisted through several restarts of both MuseScore and restarting my computer. It was only rectified by reverting MuseScore to factory settings.

Every computer eventually develops a unique personality, and somehow this latest MS update and/or computer update seemed to set something off. All seems good now.

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I think I’ll just have to chalk this up as a unique occurrence visited upon me by the computer gods.

Just to clarify, this was NOT the kind of playback stuttering that happens when MS is working under low RAM resources. I’m all-too familiar with that, particularly on my archaic 32-bit dinosaur. The static bursts began immediately after the splash screen appeared, and sounded like someone jiggling an audio cable.

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This happened occasionally on my old (retired) computer.
Sometimes it was impossible to correct, sometimes it could be easily corrected.
I would say this is definitely related to sound drivers.

If I want to describe the sound, (when you hear this, you understand that there is a problem) I would say it is like the sound from the loudspeaker when you turn on the amplifier when the volume is on.

Try the MuseScore's output setting as "direct sound". This was better than the others.
However, you can expect the software to hiccup when playing with heavy scores. //eg: classical orchestral works with some really long trills and/or continuous 16th notes.

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I know that sound very well. A sound tech tried to fire my bass player for unplugging his guitar while the line was live. (That's not the typical chain of command, so the bass player stayed, but the atmosphere remained tense throughout the run.)

My sound defaults to MME, and as I tend not to mess with defaults, I elected to do a reset to factory, which solved the problem. To be clear, MS worked fine before the 3.3.2 update, and displayed the issues immediately after the update.

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This happened to me once again. Nothing but pops, crackles and thunder from MuseScore. Other sound programs work fine. Resetting the sound devices did not fix the problem, nor did selecting a different soundfont or restarting my system. The only thing that restores sound to MuseScore is reverting to factory settings, which entails taking the time to restore some preferences afterwards.

Once again, what I experience is a number of audio clicks while MuseScore is loading, followed by some louder pops and/or a heavily reverbed thunder. (like what happens when you bump a spring reverb amp.) No notes will play in the program, but other sound applications work fine.

Has no one else experienced this? This issue only appeared when I upgraded to MS 3.3.2.

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