It's a shame posts can't be deleted.

• Nov 16, 2019 - 23:37

Boy, what a mess I made! I tried to post just one as "Cloning frames and texts to all pages". Seven posts with nearly the same information later, and only one is good. Have emptied out the others and plastered DUPLICATE on the title. It would be nice to get rid of those extra, empty posts. This would free up space for other posts and RAM for the microprocessor and stuff like that there. Or maybe they are deleted automatically if there's a title but no body?


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If I refresh my recent posts after you enter a post and you delete the post before I select it, I'll get an error. I don't think the webmasters want that to happen, I wouldn't. You are given total freedom to edit a post for about 12 hours, so I think it's good the admins are hesitant to delete posts.

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It's only a message of "Page not found", not an "error". I'm really confused why all other sites I know allow deleting posts but MuseScore doesn't. Others have that problem too, but this isn't something to be afraid of. Web links don't lead to a crash like softwares, if the post is deleted there's simply a "Page not found", the same appearance as, which doesn't exist for now.

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Perhaps it's because they're reluctant to delete posts that have replies. Those replies would be deleted as well. If you delete the post and not the replies, and if enough people do it, the forum will take on a nutty appearance. Perhaps the ability to hide the post from the view of the author may be one solution. A more democratic way is to alert the respondents and let them vote on whether the post should be deleted or not. If the majority votes NO, then the original poster can appeal to the Eighth Circle of Hell, where postal arbitration occurs.

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Am I imagining that there is (used to be?) a feature on the forum wherein we are notified that new replies are added while we are writing our own replies? (This could be a feature of some other forum) This allows the user to view the new reply, and amend (reconsider) their input before publishing.

I’m on my phone now, and can’t confirm this feature.

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The feature I am thinking of is a pop-up box that says something to the effect: “A new reply has been posted. View it now? (Y/N)”. Clicking yes opens the thread in a new tab for reference.

I would be very much in favour of this function on these forums. I often see posts which are overlapping/duplicating/ contradicting in ways that could easily be prevented if this opportunity was available.

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At one time you could not edit a post once it was replied to. At that time, if you tried to edit you post and someone posted a reply before you finished your edit, you would get an error of some sort that didn't really tell you what happened. I don't remember exactly, perhaps it was just the circle of death on a windows system and the site refused to post your edited post, or perhaps it was a message that told you the post could not be edited.

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