V3 vs V2 best feature poll

• Nov 17, 2019 - 09:36

What would be for you, about one year later "the" best feature of V3 vs V2?
Auto-placement is excluded of this poll!
I know limiting to one single feature only can seem preposterous but that's only a forum topic and I think it makes this poll more interesting.


Not sure why you'd exclude autoplace; that's kind of like saying, what advantages does an airplane have over a car, other than the fact it can fly. But if I had to pick a distance second, it would be the more powerful/flexible Inspector.

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Actually, I might want to change my answer: I think it's the "placement" property, and the way it allows you to press "X" to flip almost any element between above/below the staff. It kind of relates to both automatic placement and to the Inspector, but really, it's a feature that stands alone.

Honorable mention for the various "timewise" functions - insert note, remove selected range, insert mode.

Depends on what I'm working on. A small feature that I have learned to appreciate by creating arrangements for different instruments is for example the swap feature.

I'm very prejudiced; you know what I'm going to say -- the ability to control the articulation of each note in a convenient and quick fashion is a watershed in performance realism for MS.

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