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Until recently I never had this problem on V 2.3.2. I open the app and hear a clicking in my headphones and, as I have come to expect, there is no audio. I must then "quit" and then reload the app, sometimes 2 or 3 times for the clicking to cease and the audio to return.

Is this familiar to anyone?


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The "restore factory settings" worked once ...or did it? could have been coincidence because this occurrence is random
...and I never want to do that again. ALL my files have to be reset in the mixer. (I also got rid of unused fonts)

I would be happy to tell you if command line option- - R works. Where is it?

I'm thinking I could disconnect exterior sound card and see if the problem does not return...the reason I got the exterior card was my thought that this would save the PC installed card, which if it eventually failed would leave me w/o sound until I received a replacement.

I could always use the exterior as a backup in that event.

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Right click your shortcut to start MuseScore and place -R at the end of the command to run MuseScore, put a space then -R after the quotes. If it works, correctly your sound fonts will remain untouched and your sound will work next time you run into this problem. I know -R keeps your preferences, I just haven't had a chance to make sure it did the other factory settings correctly to fix a problem such as yours.

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Mike and Toffle
The name "C:\ProgramFiles(x86)\MuseScore2\bin\MuseScore.exe-R" not valid :-(

Did I screw up?

I rebooted the machine and the audio returned...for now.

See what tomorrow brings...

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Sorry...yes, Mike you did say that, and I've got my cone-shaped dunce cap on this morning.
I meant to tell you i did try all variants, to include .exe"-R. What I left out was the space after the quotes. .exe" [space]-R. That took.
However, I had this morning already anxiously started the app with the taskbar icon and it has been working, so when it eventually fails, i will try the edited shortcut and let you know what's up.

Appreciate both of you.

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FYI - I suspect you'd like to know what happened as you had said you did not have chance to see how the other factory settings were affected.

The usual taskbar startup had been working until this morning.. When it failed (I heard the clicks and lost audio) I used the - R shortcut for the first time. The audio returned.
Gone were the "recent scores". Upon loading the mixer was mixed, only to find the synth only had the Muse Gen inside. I added Symphonic Sounds and the mixer corrected.
I had to reset my synthesizer settings (Zita andSC4 etc) again.
My custom palette needs to be redone.
These are not big deals. --- I have audio back. I hope it sticks as I have no clue as to what caused it in the first place.
I think I should leave the -R in place...why not?

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Wouldn't that trigger a reset every time you launch the program?
In theory, you should be able to save your synth settings to a score and re-load them after a reset. (Not sure about how this works in practice, but I think my issue has been that MuseScore didn't like the way I had my synth set up.)

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You only use version 2. -R didn't get fixed until version 3.something so -R reset custom palettes and shortcuts. I'll close my issue I created so I wouldn't forget to look at it.

As far as the "talk" that musescore will stop accepting version 2 score, I find this rather unbelievable. I made a comment on your link. This is not a new thing, it's been the same since around last Christmas when version 3.0 was released.

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This sounds like my recent problems. I started having audio failure immediately upon installing MS 3.3.2. This coincided with a Win10 1903 update, so I can't point the finger directly at MuseScore, except for the fact that MS is the only application which displays any difficulty. I have taken to leaving MS running 24/7, as I have no idea if I will have sound when I launch the program.

The good news is that restoring factory settings seems to take care of the problem for awhile. The bad news is that I have to restore a number of preferences after the factory reset.

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I'll give that solution a B+. There's still lots of popping and crackling when MS starts, but the sound does work, (usually) and soundfont settings are kept. Some semblance of my synthesizer settings are present, but they are definitely NOT the settings I saved as default or with my scores. (I took a screenshot of my synth settings because I was so frustrated re-establishing them after each reset.) The recent files list is lost as well.

I must stress that I NEVER had a sound issue with any version of MS until 3.3.2 installed. Since then, I've had a problem virtually every time I've started the program. Whether or not I'll have sound capabilities after booting the program seems to be the luck of the draw.
Windows 10 64-bit (1903)

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After some more experimentation with this, it does not appear that restoring factory settings actually does much for this problem. I still get all the sound anomalies described above, and I'm wasting far too much time re-entering my synthesizer settings. The solution to being able to play back scores at this point seems to be re-starting the program until the sound responds, and then leaving the program running. This is becoming very frustrating.

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I notice something similar when i start playback directly after starting the program. But all is ok after waiting some seconds. It seems to me as if MS needs some time to load score and soundfiles. After that playback is undisturbed. Can this be also your problem?

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Actually, this is fairly standard with MuseScore. It takes awhile to load and "unpack" the soundfonts. After things have loaded, things generally should run smoothly for you. The above issue is a little more troublesome, as it appears I have to keep starting the program until the sound capabilities break out of their snit.

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Mr Fox, in your case it's likely because MuseScore is uncompressing an sf3 soundfont. This is known to take a few seconds and cause the problem you describe. I believe the others are reporting a different issue since they don't report it clears itself without reloading the program.

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I installed the SF2 soundfont and set it as default. No change as regards the current problem. I deleted both SF3 and HQ.SF3. No change. I am fairly certain by now that this gremlin resides on my system alone, but I am beyond frustrated with this. I have lost many hours work troubleshooting and fiddling with my system to fix this.

As I have said several times before, every other sound application on my computer functions properly. The previous version of MS3, buggy as it was, did not display this problem. This only appeared when I updated to MS3.3.2... immediately upon installation, and virtually every time I have started the program since that day.

Can ANYONE help solve this?

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I have been thinking about what factory reset does and what might be done to improve it. The recent file list is not a user preferences, it's actually part of the last session. All session settings are restored to factory settings to make sure they are not the origin of the problem leading the user to want to revert to factory settings. Synthesizer settings are technically a user preferences but is separate from preferences, but the "Set as default" is actually also a session setting rather than a user preference. Synthesizers settings are often a problem for users who do not set them properly (like eliminating all soundfonts except the tam-tam soundfont they found somewhere). I suspect that many of the issues that lead users to a factory reset originate in the synthesizer. Factory reset fixes issues like these. You can make restoring the synthesizer quicker by saving the settings to a score, then load them from that score then set them as default so they will persist once again to future sessions. I do sympathize with you because making soundfont changes is as fun and fast as watching paint dry. I have custom palettes and shortcuts and I end up spending most of a day restoring my user preferences after a factory reset. Hopefully when I need it in the future it will be much faster.

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I’ve been finding that saving synth settings to the score often brings unexpected results. This may be because I’m following the advice in this tutorial:
When it comes to loading settings from a score, the settings are nothing like the settings I saved. My best guess is that MS doesn’t deal well with multiple iterations of the Zita1 reverb. I’ve actually printed a screenshot of my synth settings so that I can quickly re-insert the reverb settings to my preferences. I can’t think of any other reason that the settings, which I have meticulously saved to my scores, cannot be loaded from that same score. My life would probably be easier if I wasn’t following that tutorial, but I’ve tweaked my settings to get a sound I really like.

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I was actually considering submitting this as a bug report, but I've been too distracted with these other sound issues to address it. To be clear, SOMETHING is saved and loaded, but it is definitely not what I intended.

I do like the system of doubling Zita1 processors, as you can set apparent mic distance and room size with a little more precision. (It would be nice if EQ2 had a little bit higher ceiling to set "sparkle" but it works ok as it is, so I don't want to tip over the apple cart. )

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The problem persists with intermittent occurrences. I am going to see if it is caused by an occurrence common to things digital: It may be prompted by my failure to turn speakers off or turning them off after the PC shuts down or goes into sleep mode.
Just a thought.

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