Editing Score very Difficult

• Dec 1, 2019 - 18:44
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S3 - Major
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When you try to edit score in a measure that you have written, the insert function will result in deleting other notes just to keep the timing in that measure. In general, I find that I cannot edit (without have other notes deleted), I have to completely delete the measure and start over again. This is a major drawback.


You certainly don't have to delete the measure and start over. MuseScore provides a great many powerful editing commands, including ones to move notes to other time positions, to change the durations of notes, to halve or double the durations of a selection, and much more. So, if you are having trouble figuring out how to do something, please ask for help on the Support forum, and attach your score and describe precisely what change you are wanting to make.

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I can’t tell you how to edit in MuseScore in general any more than I can tell you how to edit in Word in general. There are dozens of editing commands - moving the cursor, changing note durations, inserting and deleting notes, cutting and pasting note, etc - the way to do an edit depends on the change you want to make. All of these commands are documented in the Handbook. If after reading that you still have question about specifics, Best to ask for help on the Support forum and attach your score along with a clear description of what you want to do.

Real-time MIDI is possible as well. See the Handbook for more info, and if you have specific questions about it after reading the instructions and watching the tutorials, again, the Support forum is a great place to ask for help.