• Dec 5, 2019 - 12:22

Is there such thing as auto breaks in Musescore 3? I left sibelius for musescore becuase because I don't like the concept of "ah so you want to use a few basic symbols? Then upgrade to a more expensive monthly subscription!"
So far, Musescore 3 turns out to be pretty intuitive, simple, light, straightforward. There is a pretty long transcription I exported to Musescore that I created using Sibelius. It works fine but I cannot fand an option for using the same amount of bars in each lines. Since this is a pretty long score, I wouldn't like to do it manually. There must be a way of doing it.
Thanks for the help in advance!


or use the menu Format->Add/Remove system breaks...

If this make the occasional system with 3 measures followed by 1 measure, I would simply press ctrl+a then press the { 10 times to make sure the measures are as narrow as possible. If there are still some lines with 3 measures attach your score to your reply and someone will help find another solution.

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