oggvorbis for windows 10

• Dec 6, 2019 - 13:59

howto register versions of ogg.dll and vorbis.dll in musescores newest version 32bit. The .dlls libvorbis.dll and libogg.dll are old stuff from 2008. I downloaded oggvorbis-dlls1.3.6 from 2018 but there is no setup included.

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Why do you think you need newer versions of those dlls?

If anything, the newer versions might use a different interface, thus breaking their interaction with MuseScore. If for any reason those files are missing from your installation, then redownload the installer and try installing again.

Another question: Why MuseScore 32bit? Are you really using a 32bit Windows 10? Or are you using the MuseScore version from the Windows Store (which indeed is 32bit, for max. coverage, as that runs on 64bit and 32bit Windows 10)

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