Fraction Chords

• Dec 17, 2019 - 12:37

Can someone tell me how to enter fraction chords e.g. C over E or G over B or D over F# etc.?


I posted this earlier but I didn't phrase the question correctly, so I'll try again.
Is it possible to enter the bottom note directly under the top note instead of to the side.
For example F6(add9)/G...can you enter the G directly below the F? Is there a way to do that? make a fraction with the top note directly over the bottom note?

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The short answer is this is not currectly possible to do as a single chord without extensive customization. NThat woiuld not actually be correct notation - stacking them vertically actually means to play a complete G triad on the bottom rather than just a G bass note, which I doubt very much is what you want. But in the rare cases where you do, or if you some other special reason to want a vertical stack of chords, you can just enter them as three chords: first the G, then the underscore, then the F6(add9). They will be stacked automatically.

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