Piano Roll Editor for TAB

• Dec 28, 2019 - 17:03

It would be nice if the piano roll editor could have a TAB version similar to the way it has a drum version.

For example:


If by Tab version you mean the piano roll editor (PRE) should support fretted string instruments - like ukulele, mandolin, guitar, banjo, etc. - and also handle alternate tunings...
That seems like a pretty tall leap for the PRE of a score writing app.

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The drum "overlay" looks to be specifically for manifesting a drum map. This is an extra "virtual" layer and not truly pitch related as relates to the use of a non-pitched (drumset) instrument.

As a user, I'm slightly interested in knowing the use-case of having multiple string-fret markings in the piano roll editor. Does not working with notes on linked-staves of tablature with a regular clef fulfill whatever that use-case is?

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The MS manual says that, "the Piano Roll Editor allows you to edit individual notes and tweak aspects of their playback". This can be useful at times, e.g. applying a string based guitar "let ring". The current implementation of "let ring" is quite basic and seems to act more like a piano pedal. (See https://musescore.org/en/node/286670). I have tried the workaround but it's tedious compared with using the PRE.

I am TAB only user so a linked stave doesn't really help me and also doubles the number of pages that I need for a score. Similarly the piano keyboard in the PRE doesn't help as I don't play piano and the black and white keys form a repeating pattern which makes it harder to know where you are.

Imagine the PRE for a drummer but without the drum kit "virtual" layer: it would be much harder to navigate. This is the same difficulty the that I have as a TAB-only guitar player.

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Yeah I just noticed the PRE puts a cap on the [Len value], so if you have a quarter note, it doesn't look like it's possible to give it a 4000 value so that it spans the whole measure while retaining the quarter notehead. That would've been useful for L.V. maybe.

It sounds like you'd benefit from being able to extend the length value while looking at the tablature staff from the main view. The plugin Dock Articulate will let you do this, so in the mean time, you should try it out. You can select a tab note, and then have this docked in your inspector area, and give the same value you would in Len in the PRE right there, like 1500 or 2000 (doesn't look like you can get it past 2000), or shorten it.

If you don't have it, here's BSG's link: https://musescore.org/en/project/articulation-and-ornamentation-control.

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👍👍 I like swamps as long as there are no alligators! (and I can't achieve the required results with MS - with or without the plugin).

It's also a good learning experience as I am looking at plugin development. I have written a simple mscx browser in Excel VBA and this actually helps understand some of the UI layout better, e.g. the < measure > tag and its sub-tree helps "explain" the inspector chords and notes sections, so even if I don't make changes it's interesting.

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