the program is getting slower and slower

• Jan 1, 2020 - 17:27
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needs info

program gets slower and slower, when I click on a random note or bar or any action, it takes sometimes minutes to respond.

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Which specific version of MuseScore (see Help / About), and can you give us precise step by step instructions to reproduce the problem? I loaded your score into the current version (3.3.4) and tried a few things but nothing was anything but instantaneous.

You can upload a video to Dropbox or Google Drive etc, but really, what helps more than a video is written step by step instructions we can follow ourselves.

i can't, the file seems to be too big.
there aren't really steps i can describe. When i open a file in this new version of musescore, nothing works like it should. I can select notes, but whenever i try to select something, it takes about a minute before the requested action happens.
When i click on a note, after waiting for a minute for the requested action, the midi sound of this note goes on forever, rather than the 1 second it normally sounds.
I can play the midi, but again, it takes forever, before it starts. And when i want to pause the midi, the same happens. it doesnt stop for another minute. I cant work like this.

I downloaded the older version for mac. 10.7 or higher, and this version is working fine. besides it being a little outdated. but this version is too old to open my files. is there a link of the previous version of the current 3.3.4? Because that version worked fine for me. I started having troubles when i downloaded the latest version.

Best wishes!

Nothing has changed recently that could be causing this. You can try uploading your video to YouTube, or to Dropbox or whatever and pasting a link here. My guess is it will turn out some other program on your computer is somehow interfering with MuseScore and would do regardless of version. Seeing the video might help. Also check whatever sort of resource monitor / task manager your OS provides to see if it yields any clues.

HI marc,

I have tried and checked everything, deleted the programs that I had downloaded to see if that did anything. It still doesn't work. The muse score 2 download works perfectly, like every version did of musescore until I uploaded the 3.3.4 version. Would you please send me a link for the 3.3.3 version? that was working perfectly and it would really help me out.