Playback of multiple number of instruments of the same instrument?

• Jan 8, 2020 - 21:35

Hi. Does anyone know if it's possible to playback, for example, three flute parts in MuseScore, in a way that doesn't require adding in three parts, so I can get a slight feel of how it would sound if I had more of a single instrument?


Simple answer:
To get a slight feel of how it would sound, increase the flute volume in the mixer.
That should be 'slight' enough (especially if other instruments are playing simultaneously and you wish to boost the flute sound.)

Since you did not explain your exact context...
If you are writing polyphony, you can use 'voices' on a single staff instead of adding three flute parts with each part on its own separate staff. (Use this to hear how it would sound, though 3 flute voices on one staff is not recommended for a final copy)

Another way is to try a different soundfont containing a 'flute section' - e.g., flutes playing in unison.

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Thanks for that. But what about needing to actually notating additional instruments in the section that play the same tune? Is it possible to add more bassoons for example, not for the sake of the play back sound but the actual score that will require more bassoons in the orchestra. Thanks in advance!

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It's not clear to me what you mean, but if the idea is the players will literally read the same part and play the same notes, just have the one staff, print three copies of the part, and use the Mixer to fake the playback as mentioned. If you intend to have three different bassoon parts, you can either to add more staves or notate them on one staff using multiple voices, and generate the parts from the voices.

I don't know.
But if you were to go the route of three flute parts, you'd need to get flutes from three different fonts and pan them. No two flute players sound alike.

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I understand how that works. Except that one player is always de-tuned the same amount. As is the other player. A player might be off on certain notes, but not all of them. In your example all kinds of weird tonal fluctuations happen.
I'm talking about tone quality and even some articulation.
For strings there are solo and ensemble sounds

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