Improve code for chord extension and modifier attributes

• Jan 20, 2020 - 16:47

I like that since version 3.3, chords can have their extension and modifier formats specified. I have noticed a case where the code fails to represent what is needed. The following example shows what happens when I use the modifier 'add2'. I think because the word 'add' contains three chord letters, the code doesn't see this as a modifier and displays them without extension or modifier formatting. However, the 2 in 'add2' is seen as a modifier and is formatted as such. An idea for code modification would be to flag when the chord has been named, therefore indicating that any subsequent text becomes automatically extension and/or modifier. Although an exception would have to be made for specified chord roots - example: Cadd2/E. As a side note, I do know that indicating 2 is supposed to be the same as 'add2'. However, some people like to differentiate that a 2 chord can be a chord where the 3 is replaced by 2, as in a 4 chord (C4). In that case, indicating 'add2' becomes valid and is clearer in such a case.

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