MIssing font in most recent version of MuseScore

• Jan 24, 2020 - 16:27

I just updated to the latest version of MuseScore (OS: Windows 10 (10.0), Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore ‎version (64-bit):, revision: 7684abe). I have a custom font that I ‎made to display Baroque ornaments etc. It worked fine in the previous version of MuseScore ‎‎(downloaded in mid-November, IIRC; don’t have exact version number). The font is visible in the ‎Windows fonts folder and works properly in every application I have tried — except the new version of ‎MuseScore. When I create or edit staff text and look at the list of fonts available, this font is not shown in ‎the list; somehow MuseScore refuses to use it at all. This is true whether I try to use a text style, edit via ‎the Inspector, or edit directly using the box at the bottom left of the screen. I have restarted Windows, ‎restarted MuseScore, etc. ‎

In the screen shots, you can see the font ‘Baroque Symbols’ in Word’s font list, whereas in MuseScore’s ‎list it is missing; it should be between Balloonist and Basic Sans.‎



Was anything changed in the most recent version that could cause this? Any suggestions? I have a great ‎many hours invested in this project. I suppose I could re-download the previous version, but it would be ‎better to get things working in the current one.‎


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Thank you for the link. Right-clicking on my font in Windows Explorer and choosing 'Install for all users' fixed the problem, for which I'm very grateful. But there is some weird stuff going on here. I've been making regular updates to my Baroque symbols font over the last couple of months, and I always just right-clicked and chose 'Install' -- which I now know installs only for the current user. But it still worked in MuseScore 3 (not 2) until the most recent update. And I see that that there was a problem with Qt not recognizing user-only fonts but that has been fixed, yet the issue persists in MuseScore 3. Hopefully you can get this sorted out.

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