various things are not remembered

• Jan 26, 2020 - 18:58
Reported version
S3 - Major

-- Something which will alway be forgotten:
1) create a pedal line underneath some notes
2) put some text over the pedal line, and put it above it by using the Inspector text placing.
3) after saving the file, restarting musescore and reopening the file, the text does not appear above but on the left of the pedal line. It can be replaced above, but it forgets it again anyway.

-- Also trying to change any text to italics or bold or ..., is not always accepted. Sometimes it takes a detour by doing something totally different in Musescore and try again later.

-- Trying to disconnect notes in wanted places, like 4 connected notes to be disconnected in the middle is not always possible without struggle.

-- Select a piece of music and change the voice from for instance 1 to 2 sometimes forgets many features like where notes were disconnected and several connection lines (made with the s-key).

-- It is not possible (as far as I know) to move the signum or coda "hook" to somewhere else, like in the middle of a beat. It is always fixed to the beginning of the beat, where it was placed. Several musical pieces I encountered require it elsewhere.

Missing to my knowledge even in the latest Windows versions ( and at least also the version just before that):
- How can I place free text anywhere on the/any page?
- How can I add to the palette a way to enter accordsymbols like Bm7, Co, Absus4? I only found a way through the menu on top.

Greetings from a dutchman in the german speaking part of Italy
Herman Perk


Most of those are not bug reports but questions on how to do things, best to ask for help on the Support forum.

For those that are true bug reports, we'd want separate reporyts indeed each with a sample score and precise steps to reproduce the problem.

Status needs info closed
  • One problem per issue
  • Please don't include how-to questions in a bug report.

Right now this thread is too difficult for us to keep track of.