Something (unwanted) has changed...or?

• Jan 29, 2020 - 11:40

Hi! First of all, thanks for the great job done with the Musescore sw.
However, I have an "issue" that I think "popped up" with the latest (?) release (Windows 10):
Situation: In "note input mode" using the keyboard to enter notes, I click on the palette to, say, enter an Articulation to the note. But then I "loose contact" with the score-sheet and have to mouse-click "back" in the score-sheet to continue entering notes. Before I could continue using the keyboard to enter notes. Not the biggest of problems, but I feel its annoying. Is there someting in my preferences or is this a real "issue".
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Can't reproduce with Windows 7 nor Linux
Well, can't reproduce when using the new single click method, but can when double-clicking the artirucations

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OK, thanks for quick answer.
Hmmmm...I restarted PC, started Musescore again, a voila, no problem!
But...I have had this multiple times, for sure...
(As old "System-Manager/IT-"man", I am used to identifying software-problems and solving them).
Anyway, I will be alert and report back if the "issue" reappears!
Perhaps the sequence how to reproduce the "issue" is slightly different from what I believed/described.
Thanks anyway!
Friendly regards Erling

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For me this happens sporadically - if I try hard enough I can make it happen, and once it happens, it keeps happening. But I don't know how to force it to happen.

I don't rely on this enough to be able to tell you if it's new with 3.4. I wouldn't doubt it, but it's perhaps more likely any change to this happened at 3.3.

I can tell you, though, that Esc should return focus to the score, so you don't need to rely on clicking.

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Hi and thanks for feedback. I must say I find the responsiveness from you guys impressive! Thanks a lot!
Good to know, I did not "invent" this "issue" and that you have seen it to:)
I think I have at least one "clue" to the "mystery":
I have made my own workspace and selected some palettes that I use the most. I have also ADDED a customized palette (i.e. "Various") with a selection of some of "my own" preferred "items".
If, when editing/adding a score, I click in that palette and move the cursor, the cursor does not move in the score-sheet, but between the palette items. This does not happen in other palettes in my workspace ( Tempo, Text, Articulations etc. etc.) .
So: Having f.ex. the "Staccato above" in both my "Various" palette and in the "standard" "Articulations" palette, the keyboard arrows behaves differently if I select the "Staccato"-item from the Various or from the "Articulations" palette. Thus giving me the feeling I "loose contact" with the score-sheet itself!
Friendly regards

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