Cannot increase the duration of a chord/rest within a nested tuplet.

• Feb 6, 2020 - 20:38
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Create triplet eighth notes from a quarter note via ctrl+3; divide one of the resulting triplet eighth notes into 3 - 16th notes (16th triplets) via ctrl+3; from there, unable to create (eighth +16th), (16th+eighth) or (dotted eighth) combinations within the 16th note triplet. The only workaround for me has been to beam the notes to get the desired combination. The result is way more notes (16ths) and clutter in the piece than necessary. Wonderful program! Thank you!

Dale Vig (EGad)


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Thanks for your reply. As far as being playable, I suppose it depends on the tempo. The score I am working on is in a blues style where each quarter note has a triplet feel and at times the melody or solo is yet another division of that. Perhaps another time signature such as 12/8 or something might be more technically correct or at least another work around. Investigation continues. Thanks, again!

Title Note duration within a triplet within a triplet in 4/4 time Cannot increase the duration of a chord/rest within a nested tuplet.

MuseScore does indeed prevent you from increasing the duration of a chord or rest within a nested tuplet, but it does not prevent you from overwriting the chord/rest with a chord/rest of a longer duration. So the workaround is to enter note input mode (or never leave note input mode in the first place), select the desired duration, and enter the new note on top of the old one.

This limitation was introduced with commit c1b55b0, presumably because this calculation would fail in the case of nested tuplets. That calculation has since been replaced with a more general solution, so it should be safe to remove the two lines that cause the function to return early in the case of nested tuplets, which is what prevents the operation from doing anything.

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