No drumset editor on some staffs?

• Feb 16, 2020 - 21:13

I cannot trigger the drumset editor by clicking "n" on two of the percussion staffs in the attached tuplet exercise score. To try it, go to the fifth staff down with the instrument name "4:4" , or the seventh one down, "5:4", click on the staff and then press "n". Unlike the other staffs, no drumset editor appears.

It's an imported file from Musescore 2. Perhaps it's corrupt? No corruption message appeared when importing it.

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Groove_Matrix_3-20-2019.mscz 14.31 KB


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Thanks. So it's a corrupt file. I know there were issues in the past regarding tuplets that have been fixed since then. Perhaps it's related. I'll just re-enter the two staffs. Exporting the file to midi causes Musescore 3 to freeze which is a further sign of corruption.

Not corrupt in the sense of bad note/measure durations, but several of the staves have "Drumset" unchecked in the mixer. So you'd want to re-check that. No idea what drumset definition you were expecting or if what you get this way serves your needs. Could be better to use Staff Properties / Change Instrument.

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