transposing while changing instrument

• Feb 26, 2020 - 10:11
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S3 - Major
by design

select a staff via right click on measure
change instrument for instance piano to bass
tried tot transpose octave
'up' and 'down' seem to do the same, i can only end up way up or accidently way down


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Changing instrument does not change the pitches of any existing note. And Bass is an octave transposing instrument, so all notes now show an octave higher after the instrument change.

Actually I don't quite understand what your issue is, please elaborate

Status needs info by design

You are misunderstanding the purpose of the transposition setting. It does not change the music, it tells MuseScore how the instrument itself transposes, so it can write the music for the instrument in the opposite direction. So for instance, if you want to tell MuseScore you are writing trumpet, you tell it that trumpet sounds a step lower than written, so MuseScore can automatically transpose everything up a step to compensate so the sounding pitch is what you want.

In your case, you don’t want the music to sound the way you originally wrote it. You want to actually sound an octave lower, to fit the range of a bass better. So you need to use Tools / Transpose to actually change the pitches, not tell MuseScore anything different about the instrument itself.

Well, it’s also used to adapt octave-transposings instruments like bass, but that already happened when you changed the instrument. The bass is already marked as sounding an octave lower than written, that’s why the display of the pitches went up to compensate. So you could simply lie and say that basses sound at pitch - change the setting to 0 - but then while everything would look right, it would still sound an octave too high.