Audio playback consistently stutters

• Mar 1, 2020 - 22:32

This has been an issue that's happened on several different scores but I can't exactly pin down what is producing the problem. On this score I'm revising right now, I've noticed whenever I have all (5) instruments playing something, and there's "a lot" going on in a bar, the playback slows down and glitches.

In the attached score, play from m.33, audio will start glitching in about the 2nd beat of m.34, it stops glitching when the other instruments drop out so I'm led to believe it is an issue with whatever is rendering playback.

What is confusing is that there is not a crazy amount of stuff happening in these bars that are glitching.

Other things I've looked at have been:
CPU usage - fairly low and the problem stills occurs with Musescore as the only thing running
Synthesizer peaking - Problem spots are nowhere near clipping

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