12/8 time

• Mar 24, 2020 - 21:42

Musescore writes 6 quarter notes per measure each with 2 earth notes rather than 4 quarter notes per measure each with 3 eighth notes.


Oops. I meant to say 4 dotted quarter notes... MuseScore seems to treat 12/8 like 6/4, which defeats the purpose in 12/8, which is to get a 3/4 feel in a steady 4/4 beat. To write a score like that in MuseScore you would have to put triplets everywhere. That's a mess.

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Because it prefills the measure with 6 1/4th rests says nothing about the feel when played back though.
You can easily remedy this by changing the rests in the first measure to be 4 dotted quarters instead. Then select that measure and press and hold 'R' to replicate it across all available measures.

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