Downloads of non-copyrighted Scores

• Mar 27, 2020 - 02:05

I am confused. again.

After the lengthy complex discussions regarding and it was my impression that I would be still able to download non-copyrighted scores for free. Apparently I erred?

For the next step in my practice I thought it would handy to have a collection of scales. I found this site:

I was surprised that I would have to take a subscription to (apparently) for a "free trial" to download the score then upload it to my Musescore files.

Is this page a copyrighted score?
An original composition?

Is attempting to download any score from the Internet under the Musescore auspices without a subscription now pointless?

Thanks for your clarifications.


It is up to the individual uploader to be clear about the copyright status of their scores. Apparently this user did not mark their score public domain. There are plenty of other scales sheets that are, though.

Note even if the score is PD or original, you still need to have an account - a free one will do - to download.

And as always, this site is absolutely not the correct palce ask questions about that other site. The correct place is, of course, that other site :-)

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