Adding Clefs to the beginning of the bar.

• Mar 28, 2020 - 12:22

Hi, I'm trying to compose a piece which needs a change from a treble clef to an alto clef, I want to put the alto clef at the start of the bar. I also have a time signature change in that bar too. Whenever I select the bar to adjust courtesy clefs it doesn't recognise the beginning of the bar and adds the alto clef to the end of the previous bar. Any suggestions? ( the bar with 6/4 is the bar I want it in)

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Clef changes are usually indicated at the end of the previous measure, and that's what you're seeing.
Apply it to the rest in that measure, not to the measure itself, that way if becomes a 'mid-measure' clef change (but at it's start)

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It's normally correct for clef changes to go before the barline. It's only rare special cases where the rules of notation call for it to be placed directly after the barline. But in those rare special cases (your example does not appear to be one of them, BTW), it's done as mentioned above - by apply the clef to the rest rather than to the measure.

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