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• Apr 1, 2020 - 20:11

How many bagpipe players use MuseScore? More than harpists and Bodhrán players?
Of course it's a rhetorical question.
I was thinking: if there's a palette for bagpipe embellishments (quite full-bodied indeed) there could be palettes "dedicated" to other instruments as well.
You can create as many of them yourself as you want
Yes, I know, but on the Support page, in addition to the plugins you could add dedicated palettes ready to use.
What do you think?


That bagpipe palette has been 'banned' from the advanced workspace into the master palette, at the same time a accordion palette has been added there. so yes, this is possible.
Just go ahead and create such a palette and make a feature request for it

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Hmm, except for several typos in the names of those items (correction attached), this is exactly the same set as provided via the master palette's symbol's palette's set of harp techniques, so nothing that can't get achieved already.
For the other 2 palettes I mentioned, accordion and bagpipe, not only the symbols are available, but also the semantic behind those (not sure about accordion though) and their names are translatable.

(that accordion palette existed in the code since long, it just wasn't exposed at all, prior to 3.3)

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I know at one point there was the idea to allow more resources to be shared within this platform/the application. Something like allowing custom extensions (such as MDL is currently) that could either be a combination of things, as MDL is, or just a single sub-thing (as one palette) could be.

To me, such a thing would make sense, in the same way that improving the plugin manager did. A place to share palettes/workspace optimized for a given purpose seems a good thing to me. The open question is, how curated such a place should be.
Free for all (as the plugins are) or ensuring active review/moderation (by community member? musescore staff?)?

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It is actually possible to develop one's own extension, they are just ZIP archives like pretty much everything else in MuseScore, and the MDL extension itself is open source so you can borrow the scripts they use for packaging, etc. I spent some time putting together an extension for music education, and it worked well enough, although I've forgotten most of what I learn about the process. Would be nice if someone spent some more time streamlining things.

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