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Suppose I am making a score for guitar. Several measures require a note to Palm Mute ie. (P.M. ------------------------------------------------|). What type of text should I use for this? I have tried both Staff Text and System Text but neither of these behave as I think they should. I want to anchor both the beginning and ending point of the note so as the measure width changes, the note continues to start and end at the proper point. Also, if the note applies to measures on line 1 AND line 2, I want the note to wrap onto the next line.



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Thank you Raymond. Note the first couple of measures in this video.

He has a Palm Mute note that looks like this.

There are also other measures where he has Let It Ring ------------------|

I want to add these with both the beginning and end anchored to the appropriate points. Such as if the text begins with the last measure of a line and extends thru the first 2 measures of the next line, it should stay put if the width of the measures change or the middle measure jumps up to the first line.

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Thank you jojo. I got it but the doc is wrong. It says to click on the anchor but if you do that it deselects the text. I I found that just shift arrow works without clicking on the anchor. Now a related problem. I want to position the text above the guitar tab. I can do this by dragging the centerhandle. However, if I save it, close it, and then reopen it, I find it has returned to its original position below the TAB line. Have you seen this before? The same is true for the tremolo bar symbol.

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Selecting the anchor shouldn't deselect anything. So it's not clear what is going on, best if you attach the score you are having trouble with so we can understand better.

Meanwhile, though, to flip something from below to above or vice versa, just press "X", no need to resort to dragging.

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Hmm, I think may I know - you are using the word "anchor" which isn't the right term for the correct thing to click, but it is the right term for the incorrect thing to click :-). I thought you were clicking the right thing but using the wrong term, but now I think you are clicking the wrong thing and using the right term. The thing you should be clicking is the handle, not the anchor. The handle is the little square at the far right of the line. It is selected by default if you double click the line, but you have to select it yourself if you single-click. Either way, with the handle selected, Shift+Left/Right should work, The anchor is something else, a visual guide showing you the logical place in the music where the handle is attached, but it's not meant to be something you can click.

BTW, you attached the backup file rather than the actual score - note the leading period and trailing comma; this file is normally hidden so you must have gone out of your way to display hidden files, we normally suggest leaving that option off in your MsueScore score folders to avoid this sort of confusion.

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Thank you Marc. Yes, I know the difference between a handle and an anchor. Since it was the anchor that I wanted to move, that's what I was trying to select. No matter the shift + arrow works fine. Regarding the X to move the text to above the line, that works OK but it doesn't stay there. After saving and reopening it returns to the original position below the staff. Any way to fix that?

Re: the backup file, thanks for pointing that out. As a pretty new user I hadn't noticed it was saving a backup in the same directory. I do like to keep hidden files visible to avoid scratching my head when things don't appear to be working correctly. It is my default setting for the entire PC.

I am also puzzling over how to save the position of the tremolo bar symbol (measure 5 and other places). It too does not stay where I put it. Notice measure 9 where it sits on top of the note.

Thanks for your interest and help. Hopefully I got the correct file this time.

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To be clear: anchors move automatically when you adjust the handle as described. You never select an anchor to move it, you select the associated handle.

Regarding the flip not "sticking" on save, that appears to be a bug, could you submit that to the issue tracker? Meanwhile, it you want all your palm mute lines above, it does seem to work if you flip one up and then press the set as style ("S" icon) button in the Inspector next to the Placement field.

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