Feature Request - Instrument names in the parts after the 1st page (auto-creation)

• May 4, 2020 - 12:30

So I would like to request a feature that I believe we all can't go wrong with.
Even though a header is an optional element that is up to an arranger/composer to decide, the elements like page numbers, short instrument names on the score after the first page should always be there. And in Musescore they are.
I believe the same applies to the part name (instrument name) after the first page on generated parts of any score with more than one instrument. I can't imagine a possible situation, where an arranger/composer or conductor would prefer not to have them, as with lots of parts, the part name is essential in order to keep single sheets organised and not loose track of which page belongs to which instrument. Those names carry pretty much the same function as the page numbers and therefore are hardly a matter of preference, or aesthetics but are just necessary for practical purposes. It would help less experienced users of Musescore, or less experienced writers in general to create credible scores, but also professionals could make use of such feature to save time on layout editing. The format could either be a "part name" of the respectful part, or a short name of the instrument like on the score after the 1st page. It can be placed in the upper middle position of the page. I suggest the upper middle position as it is the most common position in the modern charts I've seen and it is how other notation programs like Finale and Sibelius place them by default. Obviously the score doesn't need that, it's just for the parts.


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The part name should not always be there. It should be optional, as indeed short instrument names are in the score. You can delete them in the staff properties dialogue and you probably do want to if you are publishing a duet for example. The part name can already be added easily using $:partname: in the header or footer. I see no need for special casing the partname.

When I produce multi-page parts I often print them on A3 as booklets and then staple them. No shuffling allowed then and no need for part names on each page.

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Yes, I agree. I would not place them on the sheet music like you've just described. Maybe I didn't make myself exactly clear. The part name on every page should be in the parts only not in the score. Of course the scores have a short names for that. In the parts though, especially if there are many pages and more than couple of instruments involved it's a must have and hence would be useful in nearly every situation. For the small ensembles like you say, or a solo score / lead sheet, there is no need obviously. For solo instruments like piano music you don't even necessarily need to generate part.

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Thank you. Actually this command doesn't show up in the list as you hover in the header-footer dialog menu but I guess it's interchangeable with the $i command. I believe it should be there by default though, just like $p. It doesn't look like something difficult to implement, or that it would bother anyone. (you can delete it anyway). But would help those who are new to the program, or especially new to writing arrangements. It's good to have a safe layout environment, that you can't go wrong with for those who have enough to care about in the beginning.

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Jojo-Schmitz, yes. You are right. It's not difficult, and with some practice we all get it. It's just those little things here and there, that are very simple but make life easier, especially, when you have enough to do or learn. It might not be big deal for anyone who is experienced but helps those who are not, that's all.

See also https://musescore.org/en/node/52786. As discussed in there, it's hardly a given that everyone would want this, so I'm not personally too comfortable with making this the default, but it is common enough that it would be interesting to consider possible designs to make it simpler. Like, maybe, we could pre-populate the header fields but leave the turned off, so all you need to do to enable them is check the box.

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We could, but I'd be OK with doing it automatically on part generation like we do for mmrests (enabling) and concert pitch (disabling).

BTW, there is already a preference you can set under the Score tab for default style for parts, so anyone who wants this can have it today. We'd want to be sure we honored a setting there and not clobber it with our own automatic generation of header on part creation.

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