Change drumset style/setup via command line and a style file

• May 4, 2020 - 15:50
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So When i convert a midi file to pdf or png with the musescore cli, i add this style file, which is supposed to put the staff of the snare downwards. I'm also unable to change the direction in the gui.

To reproduce:
1. enter "musescore output.mid -o output.pdf --style yourpath/dm.drm"
2. see the mess :)

Is there any way to even do it in the gui or?


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The problem is the notation, the staff should be down, it it not about the text, i've already tried their solutions, but it doesn't work for me.

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To be clear: yes, you can change the direction of snare, by editing the drumset within the program itself. As mentioned, this isn't a style setting. not sure if it's intended that drumset files can also be applied on command line conversion, but it's a good suggestion to support someday.

Hello, yes my problem is that i already have the drum part layed out in midi, but when i edit the drumset, the notes already entered don't change. I don't absolutely need it to work in the command line, but i would like to know if if is even possible in the gui.

Title cli notes styles Change drumset style/setup via command line and a style file

I'm not sure this is possible. But better continue with that question in the forum

So it does change the note, but it doesn't change the voice, would there be a way to merge two midi files (one with cymbal & one with toms) somehow that the snare and drums are in the same voice?

Certainly such things are possible using the various commands that exist in the Tools menu like Implode or Voices, as well as the voice buttons on the toolbar. If you need further assistance with that, best to ask for help on the support forum and attach the score and/or MIDI files involved.

Hi, so i got it in the gui, i split the staves, exchange voices 1 and 2 on the snare, implode the snare and drums, hide the snare on voice 1 which appears out of nowhere, implode with the ride, and hide all the exess rests, all done with the selection filter and the inspector, now just the same in the cli(if it works) BUT AT LEAST IT WORKS.

As I said, if you ask on the forum and attach your score, we are happy to assist further. Notes shouldn’t be appearing out of nowhere, and there should be no need to hide rests - they can be eliminated totally if you are merging into one voice.