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• May 9, 2020 - 22:48

I'm opening some 2.0 files in 3.0 and I get a Reset dialog. Can I just make my selection as a default, or will I have to choose every time I open a 2.0 file in 3.0? When I reset the position and go to save, I have to use the Save dialog and search for a place to save it. If I can choose a default, I'll be able to skip these additional tasks.


You can't set a default.
A score opened from 2.0 is treated as an import, so as to not by default overwrite the existing score. As once saved in 3.x it can't be opened by 2.x anymore.

I'm getting that reset notice on some old files. I choose Yes and save, but when I reopen the file, it gives me the reset notice again.

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I'm familiar with overwrite for most programs. MS Word simply overwrites the file. Audacity does not. The file should be saved with a new name or in another folder. Of course, that might change in a future edition of Audacity. This program also should meet regular standards for overwriting.

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Almost certainly, you aren't opening the newly saved file, but instead, you are simply reopening the old file. You would need to explicitly overwrite the old file when saving - and confirm you really want to, when MuseScore asks - in order for this not to be so. You say you did, but my guess is you actually had another copy of the file and that is what you actually opened - you overwrite a different file.

If you believe you have a file saved with MuseScore 3 that still asks you to reset, check the modified date on the file to see if you really truly just saved it today., If you still think this is the right file, and opening this exact file (check the date on it while opening it) gives you the dialog - please attach the file so we can check.

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Linux was not registering the name of the file correctly. It was using some file name that it remembered and not the file name that I was working with at the moment. So, I was overwriting to the same file repeatedly. When I saw that, I had to stop and rewrite the file name into the field. Now it's solved. Most of my problems are due to this Mint Cinnamon program that I have. I don't recommend it. It's extremely clunky compared to Windows or Mint 12 or 13. I'm going to have to reinstall my OS sometime.

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If the filename looked like sczr67104.mscz, not that's something your OS is making up, that's the type of filename MuseScore gives to its autosave files. Normally you'd never see that name anywhere, but it can appear if there is a crash and you restart MuseScore and restore the last session and look at the filename before you get around to saving again.

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OS's don't remember or not remember filenmames, but the file dialog within MuseScore does indeed remember the name of the file and folder you loaded and offer it as the suggestion when using Save As. It seems you may be confused about some aspect of what is going on here, but I absolutely guarantee neither MuseScore nor your OS are doing anything but perfectly ordinary file management. Bugs like that wouldn't go unnoticed, they'd have been fixed long before a program was ever released. But all of us users - including me - sometimes make careless errors and get confused.

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