Option to disable the pop-up "Reset the positions of all elements?"

• Feb 25, 2020 - 11:32
Ergonomical (UX)
S5 - Suggestion

Every time an older MuseScore (ver. 1-2) file is opened, the "Reset the positions of all elements?" dialog opens:
It's understandable why there is this hint, but when opening really many old files, especially if you open them with a double click from Windows Explorer, Finder, Nautilus etc., the constant confirmation of the dialog quickly becomes an annoying thing.
Would it be possible to implement an option to turn off this dialog box?
If this pop-up is considered very important, you could hide the option to disable it under Preferences-Advanced or -Import.
Also conceivable would be a dialog box similar to the standard browser dialog box in Firefox and Co.
You could check the box "Don't ask me again" and then decide to answer "Yes" or "No" to set the future default behaviour:
Reset of all elements.png


I suggest also adding this as a configurable option on the Import tab of the Preferences dialog, with all three options available (“Yes”, ”No”, and “Always ask”).

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@BSG: In fact, I wanted it as an option. You probably won't forget to upgrade to V3 because the open V2 file is treated like an import. As soon as you close the V2 file, MuseScore asks if you want to save the file even if no changes have been made.
@Jojo-Schmitz: I would prefer the option of a permanent deactivation. After all, you can reset the layout manually at any time.

I didn't follow the whole discussion, but my two cents:

In the "reset the position of all elements?" dialogue is the checkbox a global setting or only for the particular score?
In my opinion this should take effect for the particular score, global settings should only be available in preferences.

Good idea, I picked a similar wording as for the telemtry dialog and in a ToolTip:
"You can change this behaviour any time in 'Preferences… > Import > Reset Element Positions'"


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