Moving dotted notes

• May 14, 2020 - 10:14

I tried to move some dotted notes, using the instructions I found here: double click the note, move them with the arrow keys and then click in 'an empty spot' such that also the stems move along.
When clicking in an empty spot: nothing happens at all... the noteheads are moved but not the 'dots' nor the stems...
I attached the score ...
I tried to move the first two notes after the last ones that I gave some fingering texts...

Anyone? Thanks beforehand for your help!

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Don't move the head (Element offset) , move the chord (Chord offset), via inspector.
But double-click on a notehead and then using that right/left arrow does that too, and even without needing to click an empty spot, which makes me wonder which version of MuseScore you'd using?
Ah, I see, 3.0.5, you'd better update to 3.4.2 then!

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Sorry, not with me: double click only moves the notehead ... not the stem and not the dot...
I know it's supposed to do also stem and dot when clicking in an empty spot after doing the moves... but with me the notehead stays where it was after the move and the stem and the dot stay where they were... I can only use the chord offset.

I don't know why this is not working...

It's not clear which notes you re trying to move or why, but it shouldn't be needed normally. my guess is maybe it's because you are trying to create room for the fingering, but that's not needed, MuseScore does that automatically. As long as you don't make the mistake of disabling autoplac,e as I see you did on your string number text in the first full measure. That might have been needed back in 3.0.5 to get the number onto the staff, but it isn't needed now, and in any case it's harmful to do so, as it prevents the necessary space from being added automatically.

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