Diminished chord spelling; unknown symbol appearing

• May 14, 2020 - 15:44

Two questions in MS 3.4, illustrated in the attached image:
1. Is there a way to change the rendering/spelling of the Cdim chord to be "Co"

  1. There is a small gray dash "-" above the staff just to the left of the double bar line.
    What creates this? It appears in a few places, I can't select it to delete it; can't figure out how to make it go away.

Thanks in advance.
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The "o" is still recognized as meaning diminished, it just isn't displayed specially when using the standard style. I think historically that might be mostly because we couldn't trust that fonts one might want to use would have a good diminished symbol. I'm not sure that assumption is valid though. Main question would be whether or not to superscript it.

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Thanks ...
For my own uses, superscripting it would be nice but isn't a huge need.
FYI how I use MS: I write a lot of jazz lead sheets which mainly go onto an 8" Android tablet. Fast readability when "scanning" (as opposed to reading) is really my top concern. Decorative or stylistic considerations are low priorities. I use standard style with chords in FreeSans because I find it faster + easier to read than jazz style.
Thank you for the followup and for a terrific job on MuseScore.

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