"Fill with slashes" problem

• May 16, 2020 - 16:27

Hi, I use the "Fill with slashes" feature a lot, and find it very useful. However I've just found a problem when using that feature with the "Pith names" option.

This is what you get when using this feature normally:
But, if you use the "Pitch names" option (Right click on the Staff > Staff/Part Properties > Advanced Style Properties > Pitch Names), then the "Fill with slashes feature" stops working properly: 2.png

I'm currently using 3.5 Alpha.


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Yes, I 've just also installed 3.4.2 and the problem can be reproduced there. I've just updated the issue tracker post with that information but, to be honest, it's the first time I use the issue tracker, and I'm not sure if I've done it correctly.

Danke noch einmal!

I posted a comment to the issue, mentioning it's not really an issue with the fill with slashes command in particular, it's just that customized noteheads don't work at all when setting an explicit notehead scheme.

Until that is implemented, a workaround would be to use Staff type change ("S" icon on Text palette) to change the scheme mid-score. Or, starting in 3.5, just set the scheme for the notes themselves in the Inspector.

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