how to make an "arrow" line

• May 22, 2020 - 19:14

Helo forum,

I am struggling to create a custom line that has an arrow spear as "hook". Before, in musescore 2, I believe I would add "end text" and then copy the arrow head from custom symbols in master palette. it seems now its impossible to do this. So how do I create a very "standard" line type commonly used in music from the XX and XXI century (attached picture).

I have tried typing characters in "bravura" font, but no luck. I have run out of ideas, I need some help



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Actually, while it might not be possibly to copy directly from Special Characters, you can add an arrow from there to your score (within a piece of staff text or whatever) then copy it from there and paste to the Inspector. Works fine, but you might need to apply a slight Y offset adjusted to get it to line up.

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