Insert a note right of the rest

• May 26, 2020 - 19:52

I'm new to MuseScore, so I'm probably missing something obvious. I want to insert a note to the right of that rest, but it just doesn't let me. Anyone knows how to do this?


If you are new to MuseScore, you might not have realised yet that typical usage is not to "insert" notes except in special cases.
MuseScore builds for you a pre-filled score with rests according to the time signature (there is no such thing as an "empty" score).
So all you need to do is to type notes where they need to go.
The notes will replace the rests rather than being inserted between them.

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It is 4/4, and the "empty" first measure you get by creating your new score is pre-filled with a full measure rest.
So first thing to do, split it in two by clicking on it and pressing 6 once it is selected.
Now the measure is pre-filled with 2 minim/half note rests.
Replace the second rest by the 2 notes.
And PLEASE read and practise the very first page of the intro to MuseScore you'll win lot of time by reading it.

Notes and rests are entered left to right. So if you want a note entered to the right of a rest, enter the rest firs,t then the note. Your imagine shows a half rest, so enter that firs,t then the notes. The default whole rest that is there in the measure to begin with goes away as soon as you enter something else.

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