Request for easier method to enter long streams of triplets.

• Jun 16, 2020 - 14:46
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When inputting tuplets via a controller or otherwise, the program correctly modifies the note input length to match the tuplet unit. However, it is not reset after inputting the tuplet. This leads to it being inconvenient to input multiple tuplets after each other.

Say we have a series of triplets of three eights in a quarter note. I would select a quarter note and press ctrl+3 to input the triplet. After inputting three notes, a note value of a quarter is selected. I press ctrl+3 again and this time I'm inputting sixteenth notes. I would need to switch back to a quarter and only then switch to triplet mode.

Let me know if this is intended behavior, but it would make it easier to input series of tuplets if the note value was reset afterwards.


Title Tuplet notation input decreases note values Request for easier method to enter long streams of triplets.
Severity S4 - Minor S5 - Suggestion

It;s intended, as it would be inconsistent for the selected duration to change on its own. It's also the preferable behavior when inputting triplets that are not part of a sequence, The easier way to do sequences is to enter the base value notes (or rests) first, then select them all and split them into triplets in one shot.

Meanwhile, the idea of having an even easier way to enter long strings of triplets is something that comes up often on the forum, but I don't see an issue for it, so I'm leaving this open as a Suggestion.

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This is extremely annoying and from a user perspective definitely shouldn't be the intended behaviour. If we think of entering triplets as a mode, then exiting that mode should return the user to their original state.

State 1 - I click 4 to enter quarter notes
State 2 - I click cmd+ 3 to enter triplets, this switches me to entering eigth-note triplets
State 3 - I then enter my three notes and I'm now entering eigth-notes

State 1 and 3 should be the same.

Your statement "It's intended, as it would be inconsistent for the selected duration to change on its own" is inconsistent with this behaviour. Either the transition from state 1 to state 2 is "changing the selected duration on its own" or the transition from state 2 to 3 is. The difference between state 1 and 3 I would describe as "the selected duration changing on its own"

Frequency Once Many

Due to the frequent requests and now 3 people including myself wanting such a feature in this issue, I'm changing the Frequency to Many.

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All we need is a "sticky triplet mode" check box.
When off (default) behaviour would be the current one.
When on after typing the latest note of a triplet MuseScore would generate a new one instead of going back to normal duration.
Users would be free to set sticky mode on or off depending if the score they enter has rather long strings of triplets or only a triplet now and then.
In sticky mode, entering 2 triplets (of 1/8 notes) followed by normal 1/8 notes, all c for the sake of the example, would be :
5 ctrl-3 c c c c c c 4 c c ...