Desperately need help getting JACK to work.

• Aug 25, 2014 - 03:13

Trying to run JACK 1.9.10 with jackd -r -d portaudio -x winmme in command prompt. but anytime I put -x winmme, I get error saying unknownage x command. Please help. Thanks


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I see you originally posted the "Configure MuseScore and Jack for playback to a MIDI keyboard". Much appreciated if you can help me getting it working. Are you able to get it to work on win7? I guess your original post back on 2009 was on win vista?

i have seen posts on here of people getting jack to work with musescore to play midi thr the midi keyboard. Much appreciated if someone who does can say something. I think musescore next version should have built in midi support. Depending on outside things like JACK is completely unreliable.

I want to keep using Musescore but now have to also use Finale because I can't get JACK to work with Musescore. This is very important to get working bc without JACK and without native midi support, can't use the keyboard to enter notes (much better than using a qwerty keyboard) or to play midi thr the keyboard..

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I think most of the JACK aficionados on here are running Linux boxes.

It's dead easy to set up on Ubuntu Studio for example.

Maybe a workaround for you would be to use a VirtualBox installation of Ubuntu Studio using your Windows 7 machine as the VirtualBox host.

That's what I'm doing now, so I have the best of both worlds :)

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First, Jack is *not* necessary in order to use MIDI keyboard input with MuseScore. It works fine with just direct MIDI in. Not sure what makes you think it will be much better than QWERTY, though - if you're expecting something like Finale's "Hyperscribe", I'm sorry to say that MuseScore supports only step time (one note at a time) input. Which is to say, the process is *exactly* the same MIDI versus QWERTY - you select a duration, press a key (either QWERTY or MIDI) to select the note, select duration for the next note, press a key, etc. It's really no faster at all, so you aren't missing much. But again, you don't need Jack to get your MIDI keyboard working.

As for output, can you explain what you want it for? If it's just to get better sounds, there are much better ways of doing that than relying on MIDI output - just install a better soundfount (see Soundfont in the Handbook). If your goal is to control a complex MIDI rig with video & DAW software etc, I think you'll find Jack i really the way to go anyhow.

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i see. didn't know that musescore has direct midi in support. i thought jack is what controls both in and out.

step time entering sometimes feels better and faster with using the midi keyboard for multiple notes of the same duration.

as for midi out, i just like to get it to work on my midi keyboard as it's nice to know what the piece sounds like on my particular instrument (casio px-120) rather than another instrument. I know my keyboard is like just entry level soundwise but that's what I practice on so I like to know how the piece sounds on it.

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Also it's nice to see the score notes highlighted as the midi is played thr the keyboard and I can practice my timing playing along. When i hear the sounds I play and the sounds played by musescore merge into one I know my timing is right.

Using Jack in Linux, the arguments are case-sensitive i.e. -X as opposed to -x. I don't know if this is the same for Windows but could this be the problem?

So by accident I finally found the way to get JACK to work. The order of the switches is very important. The exact order I have for JACK portaudio property shortcut is

"D:\Program Files\Jack\jackd.exe" -R -S -X winmme -d portaudio

Before that i think i had -X winmme after the -d portaudio. The capital letters R S X are also important.

So that got jack server to start good. then i start musescore and make sure to select jack and unselect everything else under i/o pref. then restart musescore. then start jack control and map mscore to playback 2 under midi. i did not map to playback 1 bc that will also play thr the laptop midi (unless thats what y want also). And musescore streams to my midi keyboard now :).

I like the fact that musescore doesn't use much of any cpu time to stream to midi keyboard. Finale constantly uses a lot more cpu time (but to finale credit i think they try to do a lot of things like human playback).

That small thing took 2 days to figure out... sucks i had to spend that much time to get it to work.

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