Bug 2

• Jul 5, 2020 - 20:08

Why do I have to keep on unticking continue text for crescendo and diminuendo lines? This needs to be fixed and fixed immediately!


In order to understand and assist, we would need you to attach the specific score you are having trouble with an give precise steps to reproduce the problem. You should not normally need to untick that at all, unless you actually want the text not to show not the continuation, which would be non-standard. If you prefer that non-standard result, you do have to untick the option, and if you want that for every such line, you can either add this to a custom palette, or else clear the text instead of unticking the option, then hit set as style ("S" icon) to make that the default for the score.

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No, that's actually a good point. A piano is not capable of a true "fp" dynamic, which implies a very deliberate reduction in volume on a single note. You can control how hard you initially strike a note, but you can't really control what happens after that, so this dynamic marking ends up being meaningless in piano music. Whether marked f or fp, whether played by MuseScore or a human musician on a real piano, it will be played loud and will then decay at its own predetermined pace. So it's normally not advisable to create confusion by using this marking in piano music. The one exception might be a passage in faster moving notes as opposed to a single held note, where you want to indicate the first note should be loud and then the next one immediately softy. The more standard way of rotating this would simply be an f on the first and a p - possibly also saying "subito" - on the next. But I could imagine someone using "fp" as a shorthand way of indicating that.

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I can confirm that if you only untick the box, it doesn't save correctly. I believe it was intended that you actually delete the text, not merely untick the box. I think in MuseScore 4 those boxes probably will not even exist anymore. Anyhow, that's the solution, just delete the text rather than using the checkbox. And as mentioned, you can then hit "Set as style" so all such lines get that same setting - an added benefit.

Meanwhile, it is a bug that the checkbox itself doesn't work correctly. Feel free to submit that to the issue tracker.

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