Wrong Timing in Note Entry

• Jul 10, 2020 - 21:28
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S2 - Critical
by design

1) Open a new score.
2) Enter notes on keyboard.
3) Enter a half rest
4) Enter a quarter rest. We have now use 3 of our 4 beats at 4/4 time.
5) Enter an eighth rest. We now have one eighth note left to use.
6) Enter an eight note.

The eighth note is followed by an extra eighth rest, such that the measure is now 4 1/2 beats long.

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My programmer's intuition tells me that it's probably an off-by-one error somewhere, but it's probably also a good idea to add a sanity check to the measure code for such conditions.

I just created half a dozen new scores and tried it selecting durations with the keyboard or the mouse, tried it getting them wrong a couple of times and getting them right. I can still reproduce it every single time.

That was after I closed and restarted the program, and after it worked, a new score worked too. So, I don't know how your codebase is organized, but hopefully that gives you an idea where to fix it. In the meanwhile, I guess I have a workaround of restarting the program.

That seems counterintuitive but I guess you could do cool things with it, like bending time and shit. It might still be a good idea to introduce the concept a bit more, since it's not really in traditional music as far as I would expect your typical user to be savvy about. I didn't have any idea there was a difference, or any idea that such a thing could even be done, and I read about most of the tour dialogs.

What I'm saying is, I doubt I'm the first person to be confused enough by this mechanic to think it's a critical failure in the software, and if it was presented a little better, I wouldn't have had to waste your time and mine today to figure it out.

Why do the rests not also "insert" the same way? Why is it inserting an additional rest when I was trying to insert a note? Is there any kind of guide to this mechanic or the logic behind it?