Text Appearance Randomly Changes

• Jul 11, 2020 - 19:49

The appearance of staff and instrument text appearances seem to alter thickness slightly (see images below) on occasion; thick font is what is normal, thin font is not (at least from what I'm used to seeing since using MuseScore). The font stays the same (FreeSerif) and zooming in/out does not affect appearance. I couldn't find what triggers this and I never seen this happen with instrument names and titles (yet). I haven't tried exporting PDFs when the font appearance is different. Just one of the small issues I noticed in MuseScore; anyone else have this?


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Tried the export. Bad news: the appearance seems to transfer over to the exported file. I attached three screenshots: one from the exported file with the issue, one from the program (as shown in MuseScore) with the issue, one from the program without the issue. The second one isn't as zoomed in but when I went to get another screenshot, the issue disappeared and left me with the third screenshot. I'm guessing monitor resolution does not seem to be the issue?

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To be clear, that is using File / Export from within MuseScore, not some third party PDF virtual printer? Those are know not to work well.

I’ve never seen or heard of anything like this before, very strange. I don’t know that our anti-aliasing would normally be in effect for PDF export. This looks more like a font rendering issue. Does it happen with any other fonts? Anything unusual about how you are using this? Do you by chance have a different version of FreeSerif installed for use outside MuseScore (normally we use our own built in version)?

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I export directly from MuseScore as you described, not through a third-party. I only use the default FreeSerif and never messed with other fonts. I tried FreeSans and it seems to have the same issue, though the font seems to appear smoother (can't tell if thickness is correct) when I zoom in to about 400% or 800%. In the screenshot attached below, you can see that FreeSans appears to be smooth(-ish) but FreeSerif still is not very smooth; the screenshot isn't super high-res even at 400%. but I can tell you that the fonts doesn't look smooth until I reach 800%.

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Does the behavior change if you toggle the current setting of anti-aliasing in Edit / Preferences / Canvas? And did you install these fonts separately, perhaps for use in another program? If you can see the font anywhere but within MuseScore, the answer is yes. And in that case, try deleting it.

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Text appears unchanged when I toggle that setting. It was already ticked and proximity is set to 6px, if that has any relation. I don't think I ever installed a separate font to use in MuseScore or used a MuseScore font in another application; not sure how to check that either. I just stuck with the default FreeSerif in MuseScore for the years I've been using it.

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