Single-note Dynamics Occasionally Don't Work

• Jul 11, 2020 - 20:02

MuseScore's single-note dynamics support is amazing on a playback standpoint and I can never go back...except sometimes it doesn't work? I attached a sample score with three lines: first as written but somehow no single-note dynamic change, second and third with modifications in attempt for a dynamic change. Perhaps MuseScore doesn't support a cresc. and decresc. over a single note (why?) but if it should, then something is buggy here. I've seen this happen on occasion with other soundfonts that support single-dynamic playback. Usually I could "fix" the issue by hiding a dim. or cresc. line or by reformatting the notation. Does anyone have any input on this issue?

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single-note_dynamics.mscz 12.15 KB


There seem to be some odd things about how you set that score up, the Mixer is showing regular regular "expr" trumpet sound, and grand piano for the muted sound. So I guess maybe it is optimized for some other soundfont?

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